Sabina is a bursting-with-color artist, glitter sculptress, manic dancer, and get-her-hands dirty problem-solver. She revels in projects that seem impossible; she strives to actualize your fantasies in 3D.

Sabina has fabricated, painted and styled props and sets for Sleep No More’s holiday and Super Cinema events for the past three years. At Sleep No More she has hand painted backdrops for the main stage, painted key elements of the set, and has employed a wide variety of techniques including stenciling, stamping, aging, sewing, carpentry, sculpture, illustration, model making, and hand-painted typography.

She has created props for the famous holiday windows at Bergdorf Goodman. She has worked with theatre companies, artists, and brands including: Queen of the Night, Jeff Fender, PRADA, Johanna Burke, Heineken, St. John’s, MTV Brasil, Estée Lauder, and The Martha Stewart Show.

Sabina has been passionate about capoeira since she was 14. Currently she dedicates much of her time to the study of capoeira and traveling around the world to learn and share this art.