Sabina is a bursting-with-color artist, capoeira diva, and a joy-inducing teacher. Brush in hand, her energetic strokes will bring sparkling life to our fantastic dreams, be it an illustration, design, painting, fabrication or just your average maniacal exploding glitter sculpture. When armed with her enchanting instrument, the berimbau, Sabina creates authentic and empowering capoeira circles open to all who are willing to dispel of their anxieties, open their hearts, and establish community. She is rooted in art and culture, a student of world-renowned capoeira masters since childhood and a graduate of the School of Visual Arts. The relentlessly electric city of New York City is her birth place. In this city Sabina has exerted her enthusiastic energies at places such as Sleep No More at The Mckittrick Hotel, St. John, and Queen of the Night, as well as across numerous stages where she has performed as a dancer, musician and/or capoeirista. Currently Sabina teaches visual arts and contribution based capoeira classes to people of all ages and backgrounds in her neighborhood in Brooklyn. She is committed to creating accessible, intergenerational and inclusive art with all of those who wish to jump into the circle! 


Graphic Design
Hand Lettering
Prop Styling
Typography Birthday Parties Portraiture


Bergdorf Goodman
Comédia MTV Brasil
Martha Stewart
Sleep No More
St. John
Victoria's Secret


Lead capoeira workshop Rhythm Sound and Magic Percussion Camp, 2018

Organized + lead
capoeira workshop and performance
WEPA Festival, 2018

Organized + lead
capoeira workshop and performance
Makerfaire, 2018

Organized + lead
Capoeira Performance
Sisterhood of Hip Hop
Bronx Music Heritage Center, 2018

Performance with Cyro Baptista and Olek
Christian Marclay Festival
Whitney Museum, 2010