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Play, Create, Sing, Dance

Sabina is dedicated to sharing her art and culture with you. Listed below are a few possibilities of ways in which we can exchange and collaborate.


Capoeira Class

Learn capoeira and all its components in a safe and accessible space! Play musical instruments, dance, sing, sweat and develop self awareness in the company of our diverse community. Capoeira functions as an affirmation of mutual respect between communities and promotes social integration and the memory of resistance to historical oppression. Capoeira contains the power to create peace in homes, schools, and communities! 


Art Party

For babies, kids, teens, mamas and papas, grandmas, grandpas, and basically any single or group of living human beings who just want to experiment, create and play with visual arts! Sabina is prepared to teach you how to craft, paint, draw, construct and transform all of your visual fantasies into dimensional and physical works of art. Making art is beneficial for all people as it awakens our inherent creativity, causes us to express emotions, and results in happier individuals leading peaceful lives. *give ideas for art parties- for kids - for adults (bring wine). i can bring supplies. be explicit. be clear about structure of party. learn more button has more information about party details, cost, how long etc.


Mulher No Gunga

"Woman on the Gunga Movement” is a movement that hosts capoeira circles led by women. Since its inception, men have been the dominating gender in capoeira. This movement is focused on fostering gender equality and empowering women to take on leadership roles in Capoeira. “Gunga” refers to the musical instrument which acts as the principal commanding force of the interactions that take place in the circle. The circles are community gatherings that are open to all who wish to play in the circle, dance on the side, and/or hang with friends. 


Empower the Girls!

A capoeira program tailored to girls and young women. Through movement, music, history and games the girls will actively and collectively develop self confidence and awareness of themselves as well as the well-being of their peers. Together we will deconstruct gender stereotypes and learn how to lead with full accountability of our actions. *be specific about curriculum design duration, how many times a week


Intergenerational Play

Classes for children and their parents/caregivers introduce capoeira movements by incorporating games, storytelling, musical instruments and singing. Full cooperation between adult and child develops bonding, language, and coordination through fun and play.


The Arts & Capoeira

An exploration of the interconnectedness of capoeira, visual arts, capoeira, dance, music, storytelling and theater. Together we will create our narrative, costumes, set, musical direction and choreographies for a final presentation of our production. *also a party?


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